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John is awesome.

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And now you can color his face!

John is a full time writer with a dozen short story credits and some big city dreams. If he’s being clever he calls himself an ‘Intellectual Arms Dealer.’ Mostly, he spends his time making up crap that can generally be considered either Action Horror, Science Fiction or (occasional) Fantasy. He writes and lists his publication credits here.

Of course, he’s got bills to pay. So he does odd jobs for ‘the man,’ some of which even involve writing. His most regular gig is working as a Grant Writer for a local San Diego nonprofit.

He also speaks at conventions, collects art toys, plays games and a whole lot of other totally cool things.

Oh and John has a book of face, some kind of tweeting bird and the very exclusive yahoo minus thingy everyone cared about for about five minutes back when it was still in beta. If you wanna go old school, you can even email him.

TLDR: John is awesome.


P.S. When Patrick controlled this profile, he stated that John was a ‘scruffy-looking Nerfherder.’ Well you know who else was a scruffy looking nerf herder?

220px HanSolo Johns Profile

John’s Peer – According to Patrick

Han Freaking Solo was described as a ‘Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder.’ So basically, Patrick was claiming that John is as awesome as Han Solo… which means he wins the ongoing awesomeness competition forever and ever anon *Amen.*

Check and Mate Patrick.

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