Awesome Interview # 2: Carol Borden of the Cultural Gutter

CulturalGutter John vs Patrick Interview Awesome People # 2: Carol Borden of the Cultural Gutter

John interviews Carol Borden who writes about and edits comics in addition to running a successful etsy store and a million other things besides. They discuss comics, movies, monsters, ‘being a bad geek’ and much more.

Episode Link

(30 Minute RunTime)

Full Interview

(1 hour 27 minutes RunTime)

Show Notes and Link Love:

The Cultural Gutter (Twilight Article)

Monstrous Industry – Etsy

No Media Kings (Therefore Repent, Time Management for Anarchists and more!)

TV Tropes

Richard Sala (liquid television, etc)

Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit

I’m Too Old for this Supercut

FB Walking Away from Explosions

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