Important Note to LiveJournal Users

Many will look at that title and think “Who still uses LiveJournal?”  The answer is, several of my friends.  Keeping an eye on the news recently, I have noticed a few things.

First, as I’m sure everyone is very well aware, US/Russian relations are, at the moment, somewhat strained.  However, what not everyone might know is that Russia is implementing some policies on Internet use that are … problematic.  Specifically, bloggers with more than 3,000 daily viewers are being required to register with the governmentthe same government has apparently seized control of the Russian equivalent of Facebook, and they are looking to ban Facebook itself, Gmail, and Skype.

Now, if you’re wondering what that has to do with LiveJournal, this would probably be a good time to point out that Six Apart sold LJ to a Russian company in 2007, and that most of the company then finished moving to Russia in 2009.  And of course, LiveJournal is a matter of some contention in Russian politics.

In other words, folks, this is probably not a great time for US citizens to be keeping private data on LiveJournal servers.  If nothing else, this is a great time to back up your journal, because there might be issues accessing it in the future.  (I’ve used LJ Book with great success in the past.)  But really, I’m going to recommend that the time has come to stop using it.  If you just want to blog, I like WordPress.  If you really dig the privacy tiers and the community aspect, Dreamwidth has been waiting for you for some time now.

As for me, well, I stopped blogging there ages ago.  I took down all my writing game entries today, mostly as a symbolic gesture, but also because I’m no longer comfortable leaving them sitting on that server.  (Am I aware that they are backed up?  Of course.  Am I under the impression that anyone in Russia cares about my flash fiction?  No.  I said it was a symbolic gesture.)  And now it’s time to set my thing to delete, and say goodbye.

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