John vs Patrick: Gif War

So, it all started innocently enough: I (John) used Fiverr to get cartoon style pictures of Patrick and me.

Here’s John

So Cartoon manly

It’s John -aka J.M. Perkins- in cartoon form!

And Patrick

Cartoon Patrick

It’s Patrick, in Cartoon Form!

Patrick immediately took to the book of face to post his icon, and after commenting about a ‘coloring’ contest, his fiance made this:

An Obnoxious, toxically cute gif of Cartoon Patrick


Which I thought was pretty good, but needed sound.

You have been warned.

The response was swift, and entirely predictable.

A ridiculous gif version of cartoon john.

Gaze into the eyes of madness…

Complete with a full circle audio version.

I can not imagine where we go from here, I only know that I am fully embroiled in a gif war in which I have no hope of extricating myself. I’m also a little concerned that Myspace (Circa 2002) managed -somehow- to vomit itself into the web of today but that’s the least of my worries.

I shudder to think what the next stage of this battle might entail.

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