CincyCon Schedule

cincycon2014-500I will be at CincyCon this weekend (Friday 3/21-Sunday 3/23).  As usual, I am running PFS exclusively, and I am overdosing.  My schedule is as follows:

Friday Mar 21
2-6pm PDT GMing Library of the Lion (levels 1-5)
7-11pm PDT GMing Weapon in the Rift (levels 5-9)

Saturday Mar 22
9am-1pm PDT GMing The Confirmation (levels 1-2)
2-6pm PDT GMing Destiny of the Sands pt 1 (levels 1-5)
7-11pm PDT GMing Siege of the Diamond City (levels 1-16)

Sunday Mar 23
9am-1pm PDT GMing Elven Entanglement (levels 7-11)
1-5pm PDT GMing Destiny of the Sands pt 2 (levels 1-5)

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