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Who’s Yer Con

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Later this month I will be attending Who’s Yer Con in Indianapolis.  On the off chance any of my local readers are putting in appearances, it would be awesome to see you–swing by the PFS section and say hi!  In…

John’s Wondrous Item Submission

RITUAL BLADE AND BOWL OF ZON-KUTHON’S TRANSFORMATION Aura faint evil; CL 5th Slot None Price 25,000 gp Weight 1 lb. DESCRIPTION The Ritual Blade and Bowl of Zon-Kuthon are always crafted as a linked set, and will function as mundane objects if used separately.  This wondrous item allows a wielder to…

Confessions of a Gaming Virgin

in which a geek recounts his virginal pathfinder rgp d&d exploits

You’re nervous. You have a carefully graphed snarl of figures you half understand and the big, bearded dude sitting across from you is talking. What the hell are you supposed to do now? The situation: the ‘you’ that isn’t you…

John vs Patrick Podcast Episode 8

John vs Patrick # 8   Link Wherein John and Patrick discuss Macro Posting, Video Games, The RPG Superstar Awesomeness Duel, and the Hitler Downfall meme.  Some Stuff Mentioned  Ichor Falls Candle Cove Vixy and Tony Hitler Downfall Hitler, as…

John vs Patrick Episode 6


 Why episode six? Because five was unsalvageable due to Patrick’s ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ oratorical abilities. Link In this episode, John and Patrick argue about who won September’s more/better posting awesomeness duel.  Then they talk about Pathfinder, Conjecture, Book Publishing, and Mothers.