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2014: Year in (P)Review

Since Patrick decided to update this long abandoned blog, I figured I’d get in on the act.  So, stuff’s been happening and I wanted to update you all. I recently appeared in Episode 7 on my friend’s podcast ‘Comics Squee’…

John vs Patrick Episode 6


 Why episode six? Because five was unsalvageable due to Patrick’s ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ oratorical abilities. Link In this episode, John and Patrick argue about who won September’s more/better posting awesomeness duel.  Then they talk about Pathfinder, Conjecture, Book Publishing, and Mothers.

Rejection Letter of the Day:

(cross posted at I’m proud that I’ve advanced as a writer to the point that, when a story of mine is rejected, the response tends to be personalized and encouraging as opposed to the former form rejection standard.  As…



At my monthly book club, my choice for September wasn’t another novel (although I have an awesome one for sale in case you’re interested).  Rather, my pick was that everyone read five random entries from the SCP Foundation Wiki.  If…