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CincyCon Schedule


I will be at CincyCon this weekend (Friday 3/21-Sunday 3/23).  As usual, I am running PFS exclusively, and I am overdosing.  My schedule is as follows: Friday Mar 21 2-6pm PDT GMing Library of the Lion (levels 1-5) 7-11pm PDT…

Who’s Yer Con

Who's Yer Gamers logo

Later this month I will be attending Who’s Yer Con in Indianapolis.  On the off chance any of my local readers are putting in appearances, it would be awesome to see you–swing by the PFS section and say hi!  In…

2014: Year in (P)Review

Since Patrick decided to update this long abandoned blog, I figured I’d get in on the act.  So, stuff’s been happening and I wanted to update you all. I recently appeared in Episode 7 on my friend’s podcast ‘Comics Squee’…

John vs Patrick Podcast Episode 7


John vs Patrick # 7     Link Wherein John and Patrick discuss geek music, Michael Bay, John concedes the Superman Rifftrax awesomeness duel, and they both decide Patrick needs a nap.  Name Drops, Link Love, and music to keep…

John vs Patrick Episode 6


 Why episode six? Because five was unsalvageable due to Patrick’s ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ oratorical abilities. Link In this episode, John and Patrick argue about who won September’s more/better posting awesomeness duel.  Then they talk about Pathfinder, Conjecture, Book Publishing, and Mothers.