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Fracking Computers Man

Hey all; Just wanted to shoot out a quick note that after attempting to upgrade wordpress something went terribly wrong.  First off, site wouldn’t display.  Then, after restoring from backup we couldn’t post.  So now there’s a fresh install of…

Episode 4 (Podcast)

Download The fourth episode of John vs Patrick.  Wherein Patrick wears the headset of shame and the two awesomeness duelists discuss avengers, movie theaters, Joss Whedon, Superman, the Prestige and more!   Shownotes: Villianous PFS, What Would it Take for…

Episode 3 (Podcast)

Link Wherein Patrick concedes April’s duel to John, they argue about what exactly constitutes a log, reference Gilligan’s Island and Cabin in the Woods and stretch the ‘Jumping the Shark’ metaphor just about as far as it will go.

The Gollumization of Consumers

If you have twenty minutes to share watch this video… …and then read this essay. And if you can spare an additional two minutes, tell me what you think because I’m still trying to figure out what I think.

Episode 2 (Podcast)

In this episode, John concedes his loss in March and Patrick doesn’t gloat overmuch. They also discuss politics, conventions, the commie pinko writing contest and who is the greatest captain. John vs Patrick Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 1 (Podcast 1)

This is the first episode of John vs Patrick the podcast Warning: There is cursing and extreme geekery involved. John Vs Patrick Season 1 – Episode 1 Show notes, a little late: ConDor can be found at Patrick screwed up…