Month: October 2012

John vs Patrick Podcast Episode 7


John vs Patrick # 7     Link Wherein John and Patrick discuss geek music, Michael Bay, John concedes the Superman Rifftrax awesomeness duel, and they both decide Patrick needs a nap.  Name Drops, Link Love, and music to keep…

John vs Patrick Riff Superman Shorts

220px-Mechanicalmonsters1 (1)

Our fourth awesomeness duel: commenting/riffing a bunch of old public domain Superman cartoons.  Who won this month?  You decide.  So let us know in the comments, in facebook likes, via emails, or telegraph! 1. Mechanical Monsters   2. The Eleventh…

John vs Patrick Episode 6


 Why episode six? Because five was unsalvageable due to Patrick’s ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ oratorical abilities. Link In this episode, John and Patrick argue about who won September’s more/better posting awesomeness duel.  Then they talk about Pathfinder, Conjecture, Book Publishing, and Mothers.

How to Be a Better Player

Today’s link is just a quickie, which apparently will make John happy. Er, let me rephrase that. Today’s link does not require a lot of commentary, which apparently is John’s MO. It’s a collection of articles by blogger Peter Amthor on…

Blogging and Voice and the Good vs the Perfect


I want to write about our posts last month, and the dueling philosophies behind our contributions. {Begin Smack Talk} I totally won Septembers awesomeness duel which comes as no surprise; Patrick’s writing strategy seems to be locking up a hundred monkeys…